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What is the difference between a Student Supply List and a Registry?

The Student Supply List contains items that each student should have. This list is typically updated one or twice a year (some schools have an after-Christmas-break list). These lists are typically written by school administrators or teachers, and detail what supplies students will need for individual classes.

The Class Wish List is a classroom registry. These are items that teachers would like to be donated to their classroom by parents or anyone else. This is the list that teachers would maintain throughout the year and remind parents to check on a regular basis.

What if I don't see products I want or Walmart does not carry the products I want?

If you don't see a desired product in search results, you may add your product as "custom product" by clicking on "Add custom products" button:


Type the name of the item you want, any clarifying comments, and, optionally, add a photo and a link where the item may be purchased:


What is the difference between "Buy Now" and "Pledge to Bring" options on the Wish List?

"Buy Now" allows a donor to purchase an item online and then bring the item to the school. "Pledge to Bring" is a promise to buy an item elsewhere and bring to school. This option is popular with parents who may already have items at home that they can donate.

How do I know when an item from my Wish List has been pledged?

If you have opted-in for email notifications, we will email you every time an item from your wish list has been bought or pledged. We will also update a "received" count for items bought or pledged.

How do I notify my class' parents about this tool and my lists?

When you are done creating your lists, simply click on "Share your list" button, enter parents' email addresses and your personal message then click "Send".


Your student’s parents will receive email with the link to your lists.

How many lists can I create?

There is no limit. Create as many lists as makes sense for your class. You can either maintain one wish list or create separate lists by event. For example, you can have a "Halloween Party Wish List" or "End-of-Year Celebration" wish list.